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Wakeup Campaign : Social Design Emporium
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    ‘Conscious Swapping’ is an initiative created by the creative behavioural change social enterprise Wakeup Campaign. Not only will you have the opportunity to bring your clothes and swap them for new ones, there will be a Q&A session where influential fashion, accessories and product designers within the sustainable industry will be discussing their work, giving a clear description on how we can all contribute to help within the re-using/up cycling marketplace. The inspired space will be filled with interesting sections for people to become immersed in fashion for change. There will be: - A customising section where people can get their clothes customised - Visual stimulants for people to interact and engage with - Loads of goodies for sale and raffles to be won - And not forgetting the fabulous clothes people get when they swap! Our conscious swapping event are not like any other swishing events, we focus on behavioural change, the psychoanalysis of shopping habits and our conscious selves.

    Events will be up soon so come and be part of the ‘Conscious Swap Shopping’ movement.

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