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  • The Ghana UK-Based Achievement (GUBA) awards

    The Ghana UK-Based Achievement (GUBA) awards
    The Ghana UK-Based Achievement awards (GUBA) is a non-profit Business & Innovation Awards which was held at the fabulous Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in Embankment, over looking the picturesque landscape of the River Thames and London’s captivating architecture. The ceremony was a night filled with celebration to acknowledge, and support Ghanaian based businesses in the UK. This is an opportunity for businesses to come together for one night, in order to reflect upon their achievements and to receive a recognition and reward. The overall goal is to acknowledge the hard work of local businesses by identifying innovation, improvement and Quality of work.   Being part of such a prestigious and wonderful occasion as the GUBA awards, it was a delight to attend with Linda Anderson, the project manager for Christian Aid representing the late development scheme, which has now unfortunately ended, ‘Platform 2’ (nominated for the best charitable organisation), lives on, due to many people who are still campaigning, raising funds and helping in so many different ways. From such a valuable and rich project as ‘Platform2’, stemmed  “Wakeup Campaign” which is: a creative behavioural social change enterprise. The ten weeks spent in Ghana to do development work gave birth to “Wakeup Campaign”, and from that moment, the enlightening experience achieved in Ghana was magical and rewarding. Receiving investment funding and winning several awards crowned all my efforts. It was so fulfilling to see many more Awards at the GUBA’s that showed us that there are more marvellous, beautiful and bountiful things around us; so we all must continue to support, collaborate and encourage these acts of goodness such as: GUBA awards to showcase the triumph of Ghana to the whole world.   A past Christian Aid officer, Juliyaa who was involved with Platform2’ and is now concentrating on her music career was nominated and won 2011 GUBA awards for the best new act.  Her performance was outstanding, and her vocal ranges blew the room up.  Her outstanding performance will definitely take her afar.   What a fantastic evening and may the following years be more successful for GUBA awards than it has previously been with more flourishing artists, businesses and entrepreneurs!   Viviane Williams Social Creative Entrepreneur [caption id="attachment_464" align="aligncenter" width="199" caption="Linda Anderson, Viviane Williams & Juliyaa Suit"][/caption]