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    16 years ago the famous American cartoon show, The Simpson's predicted that the business Tycoon that is Donald Trump will take to the White House, and become the leader of the 'free world'. Free world in inverted commas because what is the meaning of be free? - Without going into philosophical rhetoric, the truth is, we are controlled by the people that govern us. This may be hard to fathom, but unless you free your mind, educate yourself and be spiritual you will not understand or even believe what the latter is said to be true.   Us human beings are cursed, strong words but true nevertheless. We can love, we can share and we work well in communities but we have our faults! We can be greedy, we can be lustful, we can have a lot of pride, we can be lazy and we sometimes take revenge upon others...Sounding familiar?   For centuries we have be trained to act, think, look, speak shall I go on? The power of the media is so masterful, sometimes you don't know who you are sometimes. 5 year's ago I wrote my Master's thesis and called it 'Are you, you?' Looking into how brands shape us to believe what they want us to believe, so really are you, you? In order to set you mental and emotional state away from this illusion one needs to Wakeup! Many texts discusses this awakening, its spoken about in many religious text (revelations is an example) been popularised in popular culture for example, in films such as The Matrix.  Films like the Matrix are the breads crumbs for us to understand the game or the stage we are on ...Everything that surrounds us is a complete fake...It is all an illusion.   In order to look into more detail to what I am saying I suggest to read particular books such as The Century of the Self by Adam Curis, I am sure it will be in a library, oh yes they are being closed down, maybe decide to further your education in schooling, oh yes the fees have gone up, speak to nature, oh many aspects of the natural world is dying away. Did you know the famous ash tree (believed to be a tree that casts away evil spirits in the medieval time) is becoming extinct...These phenomenons happening is not a coincidence, it is intentional and I suggest we realise and Wakeup to what is going on in the world today!!  
    • Viviane Williams, Founder & Creative director of Wakeup Campaign