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  • Wakeup Campaign at Oxford Jam 10th – 11th April 2013

    Wakeup Campaign at Oxford Jam 10th – 11th April 2013
    Wakeup Campaign will have a stall at Oxford Jam from the 10th-11th April 2013. We will be recruiting Guerrillas to participate in a six week pledge drive, with the aim of changing the behaviours of individuals, and communities as a whole, to promote conscious sustainable lifestyles through the use of personal branded badges, stickers. We aim to see community spaces transformed with participants sharing the pledges they’ve decided to undertake for the duration of the six week period.   How To Get Involved:
    • Join us at Oxford Jam from the 10th-11th April
    • Play our 'Sustainability wheel of fortune' game and begin your pledge
    • You will receive a badge with your own pledge derived from the game
    • Go guerrilla – We want to see pledge stickers and badges turning up in community areas across the country, take pictures of your pledge badges in action, tweet or upload your guerrilla shots to our Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Stay in touch – Wakeup Campaign wants participants to keep us informed of how individual pledges are going, if you’re finding it tough you can draw motivation from our community of Wakeup Guerrillas or if you’re simply curious you can take a look at uploads of other participants as the our pledge drive unfolds over six weeks
    All of your results, comments we gather from everyone taking part, we will analyse and decipher and approach corporations, the government, government officials and more on how some of their policies, marketing etc. can be enhanced to help people become more sustainable from the results we gather. Come and take part guys! For more info visit the Oxford Jam site