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  • Wakeup’s Campaign video for 02 Telefonica’s Advisory Board

    Wakeup’s Campaign video for 02 Telefonica’s Advisory Board
    Viviane Williams, the founder of Wakeup Campaignand i will be the advisor for the Think Big Blueprint panel representing the whole of UK youth, reporting to o2 and the rest of the people on the panel who are: - Jonathan Porritt founder of Forum for the Future - Solitaire Townsend from Co founder of Futerra - Peter White - Director for Global Sustainability at Procter & Gamble - Alison Maitland - former FT journalist - Ian Christie - Visiting Prof. and Research Fellow at Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey. Trustee for Global Action Plan, & member of Internal Advisory Committee for Schumacher College - Dax Lovegrove - Head of business & industry at WWF - Me, founder of creative behavioural social enterprise, Wakeup Campaign The Blueprint focuses on the three areas where Telefónica UK believes it can make the most difference -- supporting young people, helping its customers make sustainable choices and reducing its own impacts. The Panel will focus specifically on Telefónica UK's three strategic priorities: − Supporting young people − Helping customers to make sustainable choices − Reducing its own impacts My role will be to represent all of you guys! I will relay the pros and cons of the challenges you are facing back to the panel, giving ideas on what o2 can do to help support young people and more!